Grischa Perle de Tourbiere






Date of Birth: 2006, december 21th

N.H.S.B. : 2637729



PennHip: L: DI 0.28  R: DI 0.22


PH1 certificated.













Photo's PH1 exam



Miloua is a daugther of Diva. We are glad to have a pup from her, because of the terific Search and Rescue qualities of Diva. Miloua has workt hard en at juli 27th 2011, she and Luuk have got their PH1 certificate. She will now trained as a SAR dog. 

She gave birth to here 2nd litter at 28 october 2012 Click HERE to see the first pictures.

 Click HERE to see some pictures of her previous litter.