Blyth Bohdie from the House of Wolfs has deliverd 9 pups ( combination with Elgoss ( Schuurmans ) born at april 22th. 6 male's ( a few availble ) and 3 female's ( sold out for now )



Nice of you to  drop by at our site. We are a Working dogs kennel, who had the goal, to breed Belgian Sherpards, Mallinois, as they are ment to be, healthy and driven, and which have a natural drive combined with a stable character and the possession of the needed natural aggression which makes them a pleasure to work with.

Our kennel will be breeding papered Working Malinois for KNPV, IPO, BR, FR and MR. Our dogs which we will use in the breeding program, will be trained by the KNPV-program and as Search and Rescue dog.







We will hope that you enjoy watching our site,

Luuk Wolfs en Petra Heynen